In My Opinion – #1

A Sense of Entitlement

One of the most disturbing trends that I have seen in today’s work force is this sense of entitlement.  It’s no longer what I can do for my company but what will the company do for me.   The work that the employee provides seems to be the secondary reason they come to work everyday. It’s as if showing up for work is an accomplishment in itself.  One should never think that they are entitled to a job.  We must work hard and only through hard work and accomplishment are we given the privilege of a successful career.   

Employees vs. Managers

This growing divide between employees and managers is the problem.  It should not be one versus the other.  While some might think we are a class society, we are not.  It’s simple, the employee does the work and the manager makes sure the work is getting done.  One can not work without the other.   Employees must remember that managers are there to keep structure, order and to guide and mentor them.  Managers must then remember that nothing would be accomplished without the employee.   To often managers forget their roots, where they came from.  Most managers started out at an entry level position, then moved through the ranks into a management position. This promotion to management is normally through accomplishment but we all know that isn’t always the case.   

Corporate Politics

We all know that corporate politics plays a very large role in todays work place.   Who you know seems to be more important then what you know.  A lot of us have seen first hand how unfair the politics can get and how it reduces morale in the work place.  Far to often we have seen our HR departments completely ignore the issue.  It’s time for the politics to end and for hard work and accomplishment to be the new standard.  I have to wonder if there will ever be an HR  training webinar or video on the effects of corporate politics on work place morale.        

A few Things to Remember

1) Don’t think of it as a job, think of it as an adventure.  Sorry couldn’t help myself on this one.  You should try and think of your current job as a stepping stone to the rest of your career.  Go to work every day and try to learn something new.   Take on new assignments that are not in your comfort zone.  Work towards that next promotion. Take a company sponsored training class.  Fell like you accomplished something every day.   

2) Focus on the job and less on your phone.  You are there to work so lets put the phone away and see what we can learn today.      

3) Be personably.  Managers need to remember to talk with their staff.  Stop by and say “good morning”, stop by and get an update of their progress.  The absolute worst habit for a manager is to manage by email.  Remember don’t take the human out of human resources.    

4) Respect thy neighbor.  This goes for co-workers as well.  You don’t have to like everyone you work with as long as you stay respectful of them.      

5) Above all don’t ever take a good job for granted.